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LoopLOft Master Collection

SAVE 80%

Introducing The Master Collection.  EVERY loop ever released in EVERY format from The Loop Loft at an 80% bundled discount.  Plus, you’ll receive 80% off of all future Loop Loft releases.   If you’re looking for the biggest and best value from The Loop Loft, this is it!  You’ll never be at a loss for loops (and inspiration) again… plus you’ll enjoy the incredible 80% discount for life!  Included in the Master Collection bundle:

The Platinum Pack:

The Art of Brushes Vol 1
The Art of Brushes Vol 2

The Art of Brushes Vol 3
The Art of Brushes Vol 4
Blues Drums Vol 1
Blues Drums Vol 2
Odd Meter Grooves Vol 1
Odd Meter Grooves Vol 2
Jazz Drum Sessions Vol 1
Jazz Drum Sessions Vol 2
World Percussion Loops
World Drum Loops
Everything But Sticks Vol 1
Everything But Sticks Vol 2
Everything But Sticks Vol 3
Dry Drums Vol 1
Dry Drums Vol 2
Dry Drums Vol 3
Dry Drums Vol 4
Cinematic Drums Vol 1
Cinematic Drums Vol 2
Cinematic Drums Vol 3
Cinematic Drums Vol 4
Indie Rock Drums Vol 1
Indie Rock Drums Vol 2
Indie Rock Drums Vol 3
Dirty Drum Loops
Rock Steady Drums
Pop Drum Loops
Hip Hop Drums Vol 1
Hip Hop Drums Vol 2
Funk Essentials Vol 1
Funk Essentials Vol 2
Funk Essentials Vol 3
Funk Essentials Vol 4
Beats Like Bonham Stereo

Artist Series:

Matt Chamberlain Drums
Omar Hakim Drums

Joey Waronker Vol 1
Joey Waronker Vol 2
Mark Kelley Bass Loops
Terence Higgins Drums
Aaron Comess Looped Vol 1
Aaron Comess Looped Vol 2
Simon Phillips Deluxe Edition
Hunter/Harland Vol 1 Deluxe Edition
Hunter/Harland Vol 2 Deluxe Edition
Celso Alberti Vol 1
Celso Alberti Vol 2
Charlie Hunter Looped Vol 1
Doug Wamble Slide Guitar
Doug Wamble Telecaster Sessions
Doug Wamble Jazz Blues & Soul
Doug Wamble Acoustic Guitar
Eric Harland – Looped Vol 1
Eric Harland – Looped Vol 2
Eric Harland – Looped Vol 3
Janek Gwizdala Musicmaster Sessions
Janek Gwizdala Fodera Sessions
Mino Cinélu World Grooves Vol 1
The Bob Reynolds Loop Collection

MIDI Loops:

Classic Beats
Long Loops Vol 1
Long Loops Vol 2
Long Loops Vol 3
Long Loops Vol 4
Long Loops Vol 5
Nothing But Three Vol 1
Nothing But Three Vol 2
Drumatic Beats
Indie Rock Drums
Funk Drums Vol 1
Funk Drums Vol 2
Linear Drums
Linear Drums 2
Linear Drums 3
Odd Meter Drums

Drum Fills:

Fistful of Fills Vol 1
Fistful of Fills Vol 2
Fistful of Fills Vol 3
Fistful of Fills Vol 4

Complete Takes Series:

Complete Takes Vol 1
Complete Takes Vol 2
Complete Takes Vol 3
Complete Takes Vol 4
Beats Like Bonham Vol 5
Beats Like Bonham Vol 6
Complete Takes Vol 7

Multitrack Sessions:

Earthy Pop
Felt & Wires
Funk Meets Fusion
Thick & Meaty
Linear Leverage
Bop Mambo
Lucky Sevens
Ringo Goes Indie
Live Dubstep
Moves Like Motown
Slow 12/8 Blues
The Money Beats

Reason ReFill Bundle:

Simon Phillips Session Tracks ReFill
Eric Harland “Looped” Vol 1 ReFill
Eric Harland “Looped” Vol 2 ReFill
Blues Drums Vol 1 ReFill
Charlie Hunter “Looped” ReFill
Everything But Sticks ReFill
Doug Wamble Slide Guitar ReFill
Doug Wamble Telecaster Guitar ReFill
Multitrack Drums Vol 1
Janek Gwizdala Fodera Sessions ReFill
Celso Alberti Brazilian Drums ReFill
Indie Rock Drums ReFill
Indie Rock Drums Vol 2 ReFill
Indie Rock Drums Vol 3 ReFill
Cinematic Drums Vol 1 ReFill
Cinematic Drums Vol 2 ReFill
Hip Hop Vol 1 Drums ReFill
Funk Essentials ReFill
World Percussion Vol 1 ReFill
The Art of Brushes 1 & 2 ReFill
The Art of Brushes 3 ReFill
The Bob Reynolds Collection ReFill

Ableton Live Pack Bundle:

Charlie Hunter Looped Vol 1
Eric Harland Looped
Celso Alberti Brazilian Drums & Percussion
Hip Hop Drums
The Art of Brushes

Maschine Kits:

Indie Rock 1
Indie Rock 2
Dry Drums Vol 1
Dry Drums Vol 2
Dry Drums Vol 4
Eric Harland
Cinematic Drums 1
Cinematic Drums 2
Cinematic Drums 4
Everything But Sticks Vol 1
Everything But Sticks Vol 2
Everything But Sticks Vol 3
Blues Drums
Slide Guitar
Brazilian Drums 1
Brazilian Drums 2
Simon Phillips
Singer Songwriter
Matt Chamberlain Drums
Joey Waronker Drums
Funk Drums Vol 4
Logic Pro Sessions:
Logic Pro Sessions Vol 1
Logic Pro Sessions Vol 2
Kontakt Grooves:
Kontakt 5 Slice Machine
Studio One Sessions:
Simon Phillips Session Tracks
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